"My Love"

I remember being a little sad the night before my big sister got married.

I mean, it was the end of an era!  She has always been my best friend.  She was always in the bedroom next door to mine so that when I couldn’t sleep at night (or when neither of us wanted to sleep), we could stay up late talking about boys, laughing at each other, or goofing off dancing to *Nsync.  I was going to miss having a big sister around the house all to myself.

But of course, as a little sister, I could hardly contain my excitement for the event that was about to happen.  And, if I was being honest, I hadn’t had Katelyn all to myself since she and Jason started dating.  There was something about their love that I just knew was special from the beginning.  It was the way they looked at each other; it was the way I saw my big sister smiling.  But for some reason, what I remember most during that time was the way I heard Jason call my big sister, “My Love”, and the way she said it to him in return.

I don’t know why, but that stuck out to me the most.  It wasn’t as if it was super original, but for whatever reason, it always made me smile.  To Jason, Katelyn wasn’t just “love”, she was his love.  And he was hers.

It’s funny how God uses the people and the relationships in our lives to bring us closer to Him.  For me, seeing the love Jason and Katelyn have for each other taught me how to love God in a completely new way.  Not long after Katelyn and Jason’s wedding, and ever since then, I have found myself addressing my prayers to God as to “My Love”.  And it is kind of amazing how big of an effect a name can have on your disposition in prayer.  Start calling God your love, and you will began to fall deeper and deeper into love.

God is my love…I tell Him everything.  I run to Him in everything.  I am not afraid to question why He is allowing me to go through something; and I can trust He will answer when I call upon Him.  I write Him letters.  I write Him poems.  I even sing to Him on occasion 🙂

And the coolest thing?  I have found myself coming to a deeper realization that I am His Love as well.  He is the one who has my heart.  He is the one whom I belong to (not to mention He has written me the most beautiful love letters ever in Scripture).

So while I eagerly await the day I get to meet the man God has created to call me his love, he will always have to come second to my first love.  And I am pretty confident that when I do meet that man, he wouldn’t want to have it any other way. 🙂