Blue is the New Pink

If you have gone outside in the past 11 days, you may have noticed that things are a bit more pink than normal.  Maybe the yogurt you bought at the store last week had a pink lid.  Or maybe the coffee sleeve offered to you at Panera this morning was pink.  Or perhaps even some of your friends on Facebook have changed their profile picture to an icon of a little pink ribbon (I guess you don’t even have to go outside to notice the pink anymore!).  What gives?  As I’m sure you already knew, we are now living in a sea of pink because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Every year during this month, a handful of companies give a portion of the profits from their “pink” merchandise to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Unfortunately, Komen for the Cure gives a portion of their profits to Planned Parenthood—the nation’s top abortion provider.

For this reason, I cannot in good conscience participate in the Race for the Cure, or buy any “pink” merchandise during this month that gives money to Komen for the Cure.

You may be thinking that this is a bit of an extreme stance to take.  Komen for the Cure has made great strides in breast cancer research, and it is true that none of the funds they give to Planned Parenthood are used directly for abortions.  Shouldn’t the good they do far outweigh the minor fact that they give money to Planned Parenthood?

For two main reasons, I really don’t think the Pros outweigh the Cons here.

For one, Komen even acknowledges that there has been no conclusive evidence that there is not a link between breast cancer and abortion (and in fact, there have been many studies implying that there is in fact a link).  Dr. Janet Daling, a leading cancer epidemiologist, and pro-choice advocate, is quoted as saying:

“I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our research is rock solid, and our data is accurate. It’s not a matter of believing, it’s a matter of what is.”

Secondly, even though none of the Komen funds are used directly for abortion, giving money to Planned Parenthood for a specific service just frees up other monies to be used on abortion.  There’s no getting around it.  Giving money to Planned Parenthood will always help, in some way, fund abortion.

I don’t find it coincidental in the slightest that October is also the month that the Catholic Church has traditionally dedicated to the Holy Rosary.  I can’t help but wonder: What would happen if we gave the fight against breast cancer over to Our Lady, rather than giving our money to foundation that supports taking the lives of her children?

Here is a brief statement from the Archbishop of Baltimore, which goes into a bit more detail about why Catholics should refrain from supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure