Don’t Be This Guy

Look, I love music as much as the next person.  Music is wonderful and it is often very powerful (in fact, I have written on this before).  I’m very much in the pro-music camp.  However…

Music is not life.
Music is not religion.
Music is not God.

There is a fine line between letting the music you listen to elevate your soul to contemplation, and worshipping music in itself.  I’m thinking a good majority of people in my age bracket has crossed that line.

It’s a little bit like chasing a high.  Music can be cathartic, and that is a good and healthy thing.   But the funny thing about the word “catharsis” is that it actually means, “to purge”.   And if all you do is “purge”, then eventually there’s not going to be anything left.  Catharsis is supposed to have a purpose.  Music is supposed to have a purpose.  It can’t be everything you wake up for in the morning.  If it is, you’re going to find yourself unhappy pretty soon (but then again, musicians tend to thrive on that “tortured-artist” schtick).

It’s not that posting song-lyrics as your Facebook status every couple of hours is necessarily bad…it’s just that it makes us wonder if you actually have any original thoughts of your own.

And maybe the guy or girl you currently like enjoys having his or her Facebook wall spammed with YouTube music videos of all your favorite, obscure, bands, but I bet he or she would probably just rather have a real conversation with you.  Yes, there is something to be said for getting to know someone through learning about his or her taste in music.  But people can usually tell after a little while that your love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers does not necessarily mean that you are thoughtful or deep.

Bottom line: There’s a lot more to us than we often realize, and the God who created you knows you a lot better than a 4 1/2 minute song.  Maybe it’s time to turn the music down for a bit and listen to what He is saying instead.