Nothing like Ash Wednesday to make you realize how very much you needed Lent.  It’s funny how any other day of the year I can make it to 6pm without eating a meal and hardly realize it…but on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday, my inner monologue is whining all day.

On that cheery note, I’m linking to a post a friend wrote about one of the seven deadly sins: sloth.  Contrary to what you may have heard, it’s much more than sitting on the couch in your pajamas eating potato chips…

Sloth, also known as acedia, seems like the most misunderstood of all the seven deadly sins. I have to admit, when first reading about what the sin of Sloth actually was, I was surprised. I had the thought that it was basically a sin of laziness—just being lazy towards homework or other duties that need our attention. I thought it was connected with the terrible notion of snoozing my alarm clock in the morning and not getting up when I should. Sloth is way worse than this.

Sloth is defined as spiritual laziness where we refuse to seek what we need for our soul’s salvation. It is the rejection of our effort to combat difficulties in the pursuit of holiness. St. Thomas Aquinas defines sloth as “torpor in the presence of spiritual good which is Divine good. In other words, a man is then formally distressed at the prospect of what he must do for God to bring about or keep intact his friendship with God.”1 In other words, a slothful person knows the good he ought to do, but does not desire it

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…fortunately for me, being too lazy to come up with a blog post is not the sin of sloth, and it can be easily remedied by linking to smart friends 🙂