On The Importance of Encouraging Others

I’ve spoken before about the importance of being happy for other people—despite the unfortunate temptation that may exist without us to compare, judge, and tear others down in response to feeling threatened by the successes of another.  There’s nothing to be gained by trying to rob the joy of another, and attempting to do so ultimately only leaves us even more bitter and unhappy than before.  We all know this.  It’s best to share in the joy of the people around us.

But I want to take that a step further today.

Just taking a second to sit back and think about the people in my life, there’s a whole lot of joy to be sharing in.  I have family, friends, and classmates doing all sorts of amazing things ranging from raising families, to being guests on radio shows… from making videos for political campaigns, to studying to get a degree in education…from closing deals at work, to beginning college courses for the first time.  When I sit back and reflect on what God is doing in the lives of the people around me, I’m overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving for God’s gift of these peoples’ presence in my life.

But as the picture that I keep seeing show up on my pinterest feed says, “…everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” even those people that appear to have it made.

The fact is that we all need encouragement, no matter where we are in life.  We all lose the forest for the trees every now and again, and sometimes it takes that friend or that stranger giving you a word of affirmation that, yes, God really does have you in this exact moment for a specific purpose.

So when you see a friend doing good work, affirm them.

Whether it’s changing diapers or making movies— it’s all God’s work.

And as for that hard battle…

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As you may have noticed, the posting schedule as of late has become somewhat lax.  The wedding is 65 days out, people; and my last quarter of graduate coursework is well under way.

So, in an attempt to spare you all from every other post being titled, “OH MY GOODNESS THE WEDDING IS ____ DAYS AWAY!!!!”, I’m hereby decreeing that new posts will only be added once a week from now until the beginning of 2013.  🙂