When Holy Week Doesn’t Feel So Holy


My wonderful husband had the fantastic idea of getting off of Facebook for good this past weekend.  Because we’re in the newlywed phase where we still do basically everything together, I of course followed suit (besides, we had decided a while ago that we didn’t want to have Facebook for too long after we were married.  Our first married Holy Week seemed like a good exit time).

Come to find out, logging off could not have come at a better time, as I had forgotten that in God’s all-knowing wisdom, He ordained it that the Supreme Court would be hearing arguments on same sex marriage during HOLY WEEK.  #areyoukiddingme

Of course, my exit from Facebook didn’t completely spare me entry into the social media frenzy that this week’s events created, because somewhere someone decided to share a post I wrote a while ago on the topic.  (But seriously, who doesn’t like waking up to 13 emails of hate-filled comments calling you names for not buying into the popular opinion of the day?  You gotta love tolerance.)

Well, tomorrow it’s the Church’s turn to put on the color red—not in the name of some political ideology of the day— but for the blood that was shed by Our Savior over 2,000 years ago.

On trial before Pilate, Jesus didn’t take to prideful defense of the truth that he knew was on his side.  He didn’t turn to insulting or sarcastic remarks (though surely many could have been made).  He wasn’t interested in proving himself right.  His only aim was to love, and he showed that love through shedding his blood for us.

I won’t pretend to know why God decided to place the Supreme Court events of this week during Holy Week, in which our eyes are supposed to be fixed on Jesus’ Passion and Death.  Maybe it’s all just one big coincidence.  But maybe—just maybe— God is reminding us what true victory looks like.  Salvation history tells us that true victory is won through the cross.

Let’s enter into the mystery of Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection over these next three days.  What better way than to participate in the Paschal Triduum?