Jesus Wants You For Himself: A Love Letter to the Fallen Away

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I’ve been told that my generation isn’t all that interested in Jesus.  I know that many people in my age group were baptized into Christ as children, but eventually grew up and left.  They’ve “tried Christianity,” they know about the Jesus guy.  It’s just not for them.

…I don’t buy it, though.

As I’ve watch people in my generation seek to find meaning in life— chasing love after love, adventure after adventure— I can’t help but notice at the end of the day a deep longing for something greater.  A longing that just isn’t being met with what the world offers.

I don’t mean to be condescending.  I don’t mean to promise the key to an easy life without struggles if only we’d all turn to Christ.  I guess what I mean to say is this:

There is someone who loves you—all of you.  There is someone who knows your every longing and seeks to give to you the deepest desires of your heart.  He has been there with you in the midst of your darkest days, but also in your life’s most joyful moments.  He weeps with you, He laughs with you, and He hurts for you.  He longs to reveal Himself to you.

I know this to be true because I’ve met Him.  And I know it’s not wishful thinking because I’ve been there, too.  I’ve had moments in my life of relying on my own strength, my own optimism, my own willpower.  Ultimately, I fall short.  Ultimately, when left to my own devices, I meet again and again with that same longing deep within my heart for something that it seems nothing I do can satisfy.

Jesus alone is what satisfies.

It’s a simple truth.  And it’s easy enough to test.  If you’ve never met Jesus, or if you’ve been away from Him for a while, just ask Him to be real in your life.  And wait for His response.

It may require some things in your life to change.  It may mean you have to struggle to reconcile your own will with His.  But I promise: the one who created you knows you better than you know yourself.  Learn to put your trust in Him.

If Jesus really is who people like me say that He is, why not give Him the chance to show you?

it is jesus