Life Update: Baby Stuff, Graduation, and a Book!

I am 35 weeks pregnant as of yesterday!  I’ve been busy this week trying to get the hospital bag all packed and ready, and Tyler and I took a tour of the hospital last night.  It’s all getting so real!  hospital bag

One of the things I started working on yesterday (and by “started working on,” I mean “scribbled down quickly on a sheet of paper and some post-it notes”) is what I’m calling my “Offer It Up List.”  I’ve heard of mommies who have gone to the hospital with little booklets they’ve made of different things/people they wanted to offer up the pains of labor for as an act of prayer.  It sounded like a neat idea to me.  We’ll see just how pious I’m feeling in the heat of labor by whether or not it actually makes it out of the bag 🙂

Have any of you heard of doing something like this?  Any tips or suggestions? (…Is it totally cheating if I’m planning on taking drugs, too?  :-p)



Speaking of putting together booklets, I’m currently in the final stages of the process of putting together a book that compiles some of my favorite posts from this blog.  Like many good things in life, it was put together at the bidding of my mother, who wanted a hard copy of posts to be able to give to people (like her grandchildren).  It should be available to order in the next few weeks—I’ll keep you updated!


The only other big “life update” I have for you is that this Saturday is my graduation day!  I’ll be receiving my Master’s degree in Biblical Theology.  Let’s all take a second and pray that the 8 month pregnant lady doesn’t trip on the way up to receive her diploma 🙂