Why You Should Pray the St. Andrew Christmas Novena This Advent

Saint Andrew was St. Peter’s brother, and one of Jesus’ first disciples.  He was martyred on an X-shaped cross, and his feast day is this Saturday (November 30th).

It’s also the first day of one of my favorite novenas:
The Saint Andrew Christmas Novena–

st andrew novena

I started praying this novena two years ago.  That year, my intention was for God’s will in my relationship with Tyler.  Tyler proposed 5 days after the novena ended, and we were married within the year.  Last year, my intention was for our first year of marriage, and specifically that we’d be blessed with a baby if that was God’s will.  Well, you know how that one turned out. 🙂 (And it looks like I’m not the only one who has gotten a baby from the St. Andrew Novena…)

Answered prayers aside, that’s not even the main reason why I love this novena.  As some have dubbed it the “Christmas anticipation prayer,” it is a wonderful way to focus your mind and heart in the season of Advent.  When I first started praying it, the thought of repeating one prayer 15 times a day seemed a little excessive, and perhaps even maybe a little superstitious.  And maybe it would be superstitious—if your only aim was to mindlessly spit out words 15 times per day thinking it will earn you a favor.  But if you truly pray and meditate upon what you’re repeating 15 times per day, it’s really a beautiful way to prepare your heart for Christ’s coming at Christmas.

So consider praying it with me this year.  You have a few days to fix your intention.  My advice: Be bold in your request.  No, don’t ask for a sports car or something silly like that, but do ask for the impossible.  Ask for miracles.  I won’t promise you that God will answer your prayer in the way you think you want, and I don’t mean to make this sound like this novena is magic, but I do know two things.  (1) God is faithful.  And (2) He tells us to ask.  So make your request known, and trust that He is faithful, no matter the outcome.