Summer Journal Entry #1 – Making Time For Prayer

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“Each of us needs half an hour of prayer a day, except when we are busy–then we need an hour.”

A friend of mine shared this quote on her Instagram a few weeks ago, and it was just the right kick in the pants I needed to start being more intentional about daily prayer.

I always tell myself, “I talk to God all day long!” …And I do!  God is with me throughout the day and I’ll try to constantly turn to Him in times of need or just to say a quick, “Thank you, Jesus.”  But though this is a good habit, it is different than intentional daily prayer.

Most nights, Tyler and I will get our family rosary in.  And we try to take a moment or two before we fall asleep to pray together to God for our marriage and for our family.  But even this is different than the kind of intentional prayer I feel that I need.

While “talking to God all day long” is great, and saying formalized prayers is great, and praying with my husband is great, setting aside a specific chunk of time each day exclusively to be with God in prayer–for me–makes a world of difference.

So I’ve set a little challenge for myself (actually it would be more accurate to say that God gave me an invitation to do this).  What I do is set a timer on my phone for thirty minutes–usually in the late-morning or in the middle of the day.  Those thirty minutes I offer to God.  I’ll read from Scripture, I’ll offer prayers of thanksgiving and of petition, and do my best to just give God whatever is on my heart for that time.  Prayer is a two-way conversation, so I do my best to listen as well as talk.

My holy-half-hour doesn’t look super pious.  There’s an 8 month old crawling around amidst all of this and sometimes I get distracted.  But for those thirty minutes I do my best to keep my heart focused on God.

One of the ways I do that is to journal.  Writing letters to God is one of my favorite ways to pray, but I’m not always the best at making time for it.  So for the summer I’m going to aim to keep this thirty minute daily practice, and try my best to write letters to God during it.  I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on what God does with it!

Maybe you’re looking for that kick in the pants like I needed.  Consider this your invitation.  Try setting aside just thirty minutes for God each day, and do your best to LISTEN to Him during that that—and see what He does with it.