On The Gift of Thanksgiving

I hope you have a blessed and joy-filled Thanksgiving holiday this weekend.  How fortunate are we to live in a country that has set aside this day each year to give thanks for the many blessings God has given us!

There is so much in Scripture about the need for us to give thanks to God.  In fact our whole Catholic faith is based on a meal instituted for the purpose of offering God our thanks—or in Greek: εὐχαριστία (eucharistia).  God who, in turn, offers us Himself.

For me, this line from one of the prefaces to the Eucharistic prayer speaks beautifully to the gift of thanksgiving:

thanksgiving pin

And what a gift it is!  May our hearts always burn with this desire to give thanks to God!

Remember to keep in your prayers those people for whom this time of year can be difficult.  Those who have lost loved ones…families who are in the midst of deployment…and those who just, for whatever reason, struggle with feelings of depression or loneliness especially this time of year.  May we all come to know the peace that Christ offers each of us.

Don’t forget that this Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, and it also happens to be the Feast of Saint Andrew.  You know what that means…it’s almost time again for the Saint Andrew Christmas Novena!  Fix your intentions now and don’t miss out on this beautiful way to prepare your heart during advent for Christ’s coming at Christmas.

This year I printed up a handful of copies to put around the apartment.  Such a beautiful prayer to meditate on throughout the day!

novena 57


Have a great Thanksgiving/beginning of Advent weekend!