A young catholic’s guide to the family (booklet)

A Young Catholic Guide To The Family_Cover

Following the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family, the media has been abuzz with claims that big changes lie ahead for the Catholic Church and Her teachings regarding marriage and the family.

A Young Catholic’s Guide To The Family explores how the timeless truths of the Church’s teachings can answer the questions and the longings on the hearts of families today.  Written with loving fidelity to the Magisterium, this booklet is intended to be an accessible guide for anyone seeking to reconcile their Catholic Faith with their family life.

You can order A Young Catholic’s Guide To The Family on, or through its CreateSpace eStore.


letters from a young catholic

Book Cover

Letters From A Young Catholic is a compilation of some of the best posts from this blog.  These posts, or letters, were each written with the intention of helping the reader grow in relationship with Christ, while gaining confidence to live out the Catholic faith in daily life.  

This book covers everything from prayer life, to dating, to friendship, and it is all written from the perspective of me— a twenty-something Catholic.

You can order Letters From A Young Catholic on Amazon, or through its CreateSpace eStore.