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A Chicken-Egg Situation

As sort of a newbie to this whole blogging game, I often find myself trying to network with fellow Catholic and young-adult bloggers in order to expand my readership.  I’ll write guest posts for other blogs or publications, I’ll email people who are doing it better than I am, and I will just generally spend a lot of time researching what “the other people” are doing.  For the most part, it works just fine.

But sometimes, I don’t quite do the research that I ought to…Like a few weeks ago:

In Googling other Catholic blogs for young adults, I came across one in particular that seemed fairly popular.  After spending all of 20 seconds on their site (over-eager, rookie mistake), I found the contact page and shot off an email, reading something to the effect of:

“Please please please can I write something on your blog so that mine can be noticed???”

I later got a reply making sure I really understood what I was asking.  Apparently, this particular blog was written by “progressive” young Catholics, who do not always agree with Catholic doctrine, and are hoping and working for specific teachings of the Church to be changed, so that the Church can be more “democratic”.  I guess, judging from my posts, they got the impression that maybe I wouldn’t be on board with that mission.

From their email response (which I will mention was very kind and considerate):

“I can see that your own judgment and thinking has led you to stances that are more in line with official Catholic teaching on all, or at least most, issues”

My initial reaction was, “of course it has!”  But then I had another thought.  Which brings me to my chicken-egg situation:

Which ought to take precedence—what I feel is right by my own logic, or the teaching of the Catholic faith I profess?

I think the “progressive” answer would be to say that it is my duty to skeptically question every little detail about the Catholic faith, judging it by my own reason, and then, only when I get all of my questions answered, I can decide to accept Catholicism.

But there is one rather large problem with that.  I’m not God.  My reason is often flawed, and I make many, many mistakes.  In realizing I am a flawed human, I actually try not to let my own judgment shape my beliefs, because I am just that—flawed.

I can only hope that, if and when I fail to understand a teaching of the faith, my reason will eventually come to be shaped by my faith, and not the other way around.  I know my track record of using reason and I know God’s.  It seems logical to conclude that the Church that He who is without fault set up will be right, even if my reason has trouble understanding how or why at first.

And speaking of chicken-egg situations…